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You can find niche customers online like never before, but social media, search marketing and email can be a lot to navigate. The right approach and combination of activity can really transform your brand and reach.
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Freelance services include:

SEO (search engine optimisation)

I'll do some keyword research to find out which words you need to be ranking for.

Then I'll optimise your website so that Google will rank it higher when people search for specific keywords.

We'll check in every month to continue the progress (SERP analysis) and make improvements as we go.

Adwords, PPC and LinkedIn advertising

AKA, paid advertising - if you want to shoot up to the top when it comes to certain keywords in Google and get your campaign content seen by a specific audience who is ready for your product or service, this is what you should be doing.

We will work with you to find the right combination of advertising, which could be retargeting, display or adwords.

Email marketing & marketing automation

Keep in touch with your contacts on a regular basis, sending them the right content and messaging to build an affinity with your brand.
Refine the messaging according to how visitors interact with your content so that you're always sending relevant, personalised content.

Social media

Amplify your messages by building a community and engaging with the right audiences through the means of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Examples of work


Keyword audit
and strategy

Audit of keywords and comparison with competitors. Identification of keywords to target. Optimisation of website page speed and ongoing keyword tracking


Weekly Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook posts sent out in the company tone of voice, curating content from across the web on the subject of insurance data analysis.

Need regular support?

Go for a monthly retainer

Get a guaranteed, dedicated resource to handle your digital marketing, content, general marketing or strategy.

Choose the amount of days per month and we'll agree on the support and deliverables.

Outsource key areas of your marketing requirements
Consistent focus on key deliverables
A trusted extension of your team

Let's talk!

Whether you want to make a concentrated effort in one or several areas of marketing or you're looking for a marketing specialist to be on hand to oversee the strategy and provide marketing support, let's book in a call!

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