‘Tip of the tongue’ search marketing

December 30, 2020
We’ve all been there, having a conversation with friends about a book we’ve heard about or the actor in that show. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t remember the title or person's name.

People search like this all the time, but also when looking for brands and companies.

While you wait for the word to magically appear in your head (it often does!) you do the next best thing and try to describe what the book was about ‘it’s a book set in Canada at the turn of the century’, or how the person looked ’tall, quite posh, always wears a green scarf’.

And it continues online - I remember watching a viral video earlier in the year but didn’t know the name of the actor in it. When I searched ‘dance video guy in leotard from Hollyoaks’, it took me right to the video I was looking for.

When people search in Google, they are sometimes recalling a brand or a solution to a problem they have but don’t know the actual word so will use words to describe it as best they can.

Last week, I remember I’d seen an advert for digital marketing analytics software and the company was named after a type of antelope. Sadly ‘digital marketing analytics software antelope’ didn’t work but after some careful Googling, I found the company, I was looking for: Oribi, which apparently is a type of South African antelope.

Have a think about your brand, how would you describe what you do without using the specialist words you always do? Also, what might people remember about your brand that they can recall? Eg  ‘bank account with fluorescent card’ (Monzo, of course).

Don’t stop at brainstorming - ask friends and clients what they’d search for if looking for your company. You might well come across some new and interesting keywords.

There are several ways to embed these terms into your communications so that you don’t miss out on being found online by people searching for you.

Work the descriptions into the copy of your website, if you have a YouTube video, think about putting a paragraph in the description that  describes what’s going on within the vide. Even consider a Google Ads targeted campaign on specific terms. They are likely to be long-form keywords so will be cheap due to their low search volume.

This tactic is only a small one in what should be an all-round marketing approach but if it brings in a handful of good leads then what’s not to lose?

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