You have just a few moments to convince visitors to your site about your business and how you can help them. A well-designed website can do wonders for your brand.
Make that first impression count
Find new
Enhance your digital presence

Freelance services include:

Website design

We'll agree on what you want your website to do and how your want it to be structured, then we'll put together a great-looking, practical design for your approval.

We'll take into account your brand guidelines and any assets such as images or photos that you might want to use.

Website build

Once you're happy with the design we'll build your website in Webflow which is the next generation in website hosting (as used by NASA!).

Where possible, all websites we make are CMS-based which means you can look after the content and it automatically goes live without you having to learn any complicated systems to create a new page.


Knowing how people search for your brand and how Google ranks your website comes at the centre of how your website is structured and designed.

Mobile responsive

With mobile browsing becoming the norm, your website has got to look great on a small screen to make a real impact. Marwhal websites are designed for mobile responsiveness as standard.

Examples of work


Examples of work


Need regular support?

Go for a monthly retainer

Get a guaranteed, dedicated resource to handle your digital marketing, content, general marketing or strategy.

Choose the amount of days per month and we'll agree on the support and deliverables.

Outsource key areas of your marketing requirements
Consistent focus on key deliverables
A trusted extension of your team

Let's talk!

Whether you want to make a concentrated effort in one or several areas of marketing or you're looking for a marketing specialist to be on hand to oversee the strategy and provide marketing support, let's book in a call!

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