Why Webflow is so flipping amazing

February 23, 2021
After experiencing many other website platforms over the years, find out why Webflow is the best platform by far and why now it's the only website platform that I will use.

I've encountered many website hosting platforms over the years including Sharepoint, Umbraco and the market leader Wordpress which powers 39.5% of all websites. I've also come across Wix and Squarespace but nothing comes close to Webflow.

Webflow is a website host and builder all in one - if you think of your website as a house, they provide you with the plot of land (the hosting) and the materials to build the house (website construction). Once the website has been built, you just point your domain (www. address) and you're good to go!


One of the best aspects of Webflow is its ease of use. I like to build websites around a CMS (content management system) which is a database which sits behind the website for content such as blog posts, portfolios and case studies. This information gets surfaced in different parts of the site depending on how it's classified. For example, you might want to only show case studies which are relevant to a certain page such as digital marketing or events.

Since these websites are built using databases, they are really easy for anyone to update as changing a database entry will automatically update on the website.

A CMS can also be created for staff profiles, testimonials and event listings too but the list of uses really is endless.

It helps you learn how to code, without the need to actually code

Webflow works by using traditional CSS and HTML without the need to actually see a line of code. This means that the website is built visually but logically in order to keep the code that sits behind it simple and efficient.

In turn, the more simple the code, the quicker the page load speed will be, but more on that later!

It's fully customisable

With Webflow, you begin with a blank page and build out exactly what you want. There is no reliance on templates or fixed parameters. You name it, it can be built. You get the freedom to include animations and page interactions, the only limit really is your imagination.

You don't have to rely on plugins

One of the problems with Wordpress is its reliance on 'plugins'. Plugins are third part 'add-ons' to help enhance functionality of the website. For example, for integrating with Google Analytics, you will have to find the specific plugin. If you want control over the meta descriptions there is a separate plugin for that too.

The trouble with plugins is that they have to be updated regularly and if they aren't that leaves your website open to attack from hackers. The more plugins you have, the more vulnerable you are to being hacked.

With Webflow, this fear is taken away because much of it can be configured natively, eliminating the need for intrusive third party plugins.

Better security and SSL certificate included

An SSL certificate comes as part of the most basic Webflow paid package. This means that any information input by a site visitor is encrypted, it enhances trust and also helps maintain a website's SEO.

Entertaining tutorial videos

If you're looking for an example of a good tutorial video, you can't do much better than Webflow. Each video is just 5 minutes on average but it gets the point across with humour and precision.

See this Inception-themed tutorial as an example:

Fast page load speed

Since the code in Webflow is clean and you can minify CSS at the click of a button, Webflow website load speeds are often much faster than their Wordpress counterparts.

The last two websites I made on Webflow had an A page rating load speed on websitr speed checker Gmetrix, this is a massive improvement compared to their former Wordpress counterparts which were getting an E. Since Google has lately been penalising websites for slow webpage load speed, this is important for building up site credibility and climbing the ranks of the Google search rankings.

Used by big brands and start-ups

Webflow is now the website platform of choice for big brands such as Dell and Nasa as well as quickly being adopted by start-ups. Other start-up users include Petal, Bonsai and Lattice.

It has a merch store

And lastly, what software is not complete without a fan club? Webflow is gaining such a following that it has even opened up a merchandise store, this is a testament to how they have managed to build a brand and product that people love.

This is where I get geeky... and no I haven't bought myself a Webflow branded hoodie (yet) although I might be swayed to buy some stickers!

I would like to add that I not being endorsed by Webflow, I just love the product! If you're from a company looking for a new website, get in touch, Marwhal might be able to help.  


Creating modern, mobile responsive and easy to update websites on Webflow (because it's a whole lot better than Wordpress!) working with you to agree on objectives, copy and design.